I make most of my living lighting corporate shows and commercial events. Having come from a theatrical and artistic background, rather than a strictly technical one, I bring a different skill set to the table. I have a trained eye, a literary mind, as well as a technical background.

Not to dismiss the technical side: I am also a programmer; proficient with the Hog II and III, the Maxxyz, all ETC products, the LPX-24, and the Horizon system. I'm also up to speed with several media servers, including the Catalyst.

That said, I pride myself on being able to make a show sparkle with the minimum of gear!

Ballroom Meetings

Fashion Shows

Trade Shows

I spend a lot of my time at McCormick Place. If you need someone to supervise a load-in, trouble shoot a bill of lading, or meet with Focus One, call me!

Rock Shows